Almost 5 Years and Going Strong

Almost 5 Years and Going Strong

Believe it or not, I have owned this domain since 2011, it was one of the main pieces of advice from one of my favorite Marketing professors as I left ORU. He said, claim it now, you never know if you will want or need it someday. And here we are many years later and I am now ready to revive the site and have it be a place to share my advice not just as a marketer, but as myself, an entrepreneur with a passion for business and helping people reach their dreams.

No this does not mean I am a life coach, I am not going to pull your arm to join my group or even continually tell you to use my services…this is a place to show my take on the business world and perhaps a bit of insight into my personal life and thought process on why I do what I do.

My first business, Speakeasy Market Strategies is where everything began for me and where I have learned some of the most life-changing lessons and seen the biggest seasons of growth in my life. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. I am not going to be the marketer that continually says….start a business….because truthfully, running a business is not for everyone. But for those interested in taking that path, continue to come back here. I always advise people to heed the lessons of others that have come before you and it is here that I will give my insight into running my business and what I have learned from other fellow entrepreneurs. Because to be frank, entrepreneurs need to be open to listening and swallowing our pride and take advice every now and then.

As a child of Silicon Valley you will find that I tend to be harsh on my own kind. I believe in building things that solve real problems and add value to people’s lives. So if you are thinking of starting a start-up you may find lessons here you do not want to hear, but probably should. Here are just a few:

  • If you are going to build a startup, make sure it solves and problem and is not an excuse to call yourself a startup entrepreneur.
  • Bootstrap as long as you can. I am a firm believer in running your business as debt free as possible….the investors will come and so will the tax man, so be careful with debt.
  • Find more than one mentor who is where you want to be someday.
  • Leave your pride at the door. Entrepreneurship is not about arrogance and flaunting, it is about building something that is your own and creating sustainable wealth.
  • If you are an entrepreneur just for the money, you will eventually fail. You need to have passion for what you. If you don’t, you will eventually find yourself burned out and empty.
  • As an entrepreneur you will be forced to make many life sacrifices, so you must be strong enough to ride the highs and lows to succeed.

I say these things because when I was first starting out, I wish someone had. With that said, I would not change the almost 5-year journey I have been on. Sure going back and avoiding mistakes I have made sounds great, but it is those challenges that have turned me into the person I am today. Some lessons were harder than others, but they were all in preparation for today.

Speakeasy has gone from 0 clients in the summer of 2012 to now having helped over 50 businesses online. And believe me, it was no easy task….but now people come to me for advice  when first starting their businesses, which is at the heart of what I have always wanted to do….help other entrepreneurs see their dreams come to life.

So if you are wanting to start a business or have one, I am here to help…give advice, feedback, marketing tips, the works. My success is only measured by the success of those that I help. If that is you, stay tuned, sign up for my newsletter, e-mail or call me, I am here to offer what I know with the world.

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